Roxy Heyward
Shinigami roxy
Name Roxy Heyward
Kanji ラークシー・ヘイワド
Romanji Raakushi heiwādo
Codename Shinigami
Status Deceased
Age 30 years old
Gender Female
Height 170cm (5.6'ft)
Weight 60kg (132lbs)
Occupations Assassin
Affiliation Tennouren
First Appearance Chapter 36
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"Shinigami" Roxy Heyward is a former Jackal and current member of Tennouren, and is Nichol D. Heyward's mother.

Personality Edit

Roxy's personality is very serious at all times.

She seems at first to be rather heartless and to not care at all about her son, but in later chapters it is shown that she faked her own death and distanced herself from her son to protect him and in fact loves him very much.

Roxy was also willing to protect Sheryl Carter with her last breath, shielding Sheryl with her body against a hale of bullets.


She is a tall and muscular woman, with white hair and golden brown eyes like her son.

she is always seen wearing a sleeveless, leather coat with a leather top and pants underneath.

she also has her 'Alligator' which looks similar to Nichols' though her's is slimmer.


Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Alligator- She was the first user of the Alligator and is a master of the huge weapon.


Killing Bite: This is the form that Roxy takes when she is "serious" about a fight and it is her ultimate move. She takes and extremely low stance that looks like a predator about to pounce on her pray.

Strength: she is one of the strongest characters, she is able to fight on par with great fighters like 'Darkness' Isaac and Iron Hand Rick.

Speed: she is extremely fast.

Roxy is one of the most powerful character in the series, having defeated countless people and even fighting on even term with "Darkness" Isaac.


  • Shinigami means "Death God" in English.
  • Before the start of the series 'Shinigami' had never been beaten in a fight.