Monster Kou
Name Kourozen
Codename Monster
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupations Underground Fighter
First Appearance Chapter 4
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"Monster" Kou was an fighter in Chinatown's underground arena.


Kou was an extremely muscular man. his hair was medium long and slicked back, and he had long sideburns. His face had such proportions, that made him look angry and intimidating.


Not much is known about Kou's personality, apart from him being a very fearsome and ruthless fighter and having a tendency to get drunk and involved in fights.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Kou used his own fists to fight his battles. In terms of physical strength, he is described as a true monster, being able to snap a man's neck like a twig. He, also, had muscles so hard, that they were impossible to penetrate even by using a butterfly knife.


Kou was first mentioned by "Mediator" Leo, when he assigned his assassination to Silver Fox , saying it was a
Huya 2

Kou's severed head.

request by Tennouren. Apparently, Kou had provoked the organization by killing one of it's members. Nichol decided to take the job, but when he arrived at Kou's room he found his severed head on a pillow and a mysterious man standing over it.