Darkness Isaac is the commander of the group.


Assassination ExpertsEdit

  • Lightning Richard
  • Cyclone Claude
  • Giant Gaccho
  • Devil Haroldo
  • Angelo Giulio

Gabriella's High CommandEdit

  • God of War Rubiero
  • Python-Lady Arshela
  • Explosion Hans
  • Vampire Franco (Formerly)
  • Blood-Witch Domino (Formerly)
  • Scorpio Diosini
  • Poison Expert Cornelio Avogadro

Holy NightEdit

The gambling division. It's in charge of the Holy Night cassino. It's lead God of War Rubiero.

The CellEdit

The dentention division. It's in charge of imprisoning and interrogating problematic members as well as members of other gangs. It's lead by Python-Lady Arshela.


The procuring division. It manages the Paradise brothel and controls the city's prostitutes. It's lead by Cornelio Avogadro.


The weapon's factory. It buys and creates weapons. It's lead by Explosion Hans, after Green Eyes Abraham's death.

The BatEdit

The information division. In charge of collecting information, and spying. It was lead by Vampire Franco. Flying-Monkey Jasper was a member of this division.

The CavernEdit

The drug dealing division. It produces and distributes drugs. It was lead by Blood Witch Domino.

Ferris WheelEdit

The logistics division. It manages the weapons store, along with other goods. It's base is the most advanced on the front line. It's lead by Scorpio Diosini.


  • Poison Expert Cornelio


Members of High CommandEdit

Assasin ExpertsEdit


  • In Hebrew, Gabriella means "the strength of God."