Flying Monkey Jasper
Jasper close up
Name Flying Monkey Jasper
Codename Flying Monkey
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupations Intelligence collection
Affiliation Gabriella
First Appearance Chapter 9
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"Flying Monkey" Jasper was a member of Gabriella's intelligence section.


Jasper was a very short but muscular man. He was bald, had sharp teeth and two large scars; one horizontal under his eyes and one x-shaped on the left side of his scull. He wore a long raincoat and a hat and he was barefoot.


Jasper was loyal to the tasks appointed to him by his higher ups and seemed to be very thorough when doing his job. However, he had such a huge killing intent, that he couldn't restrain himself from assaulting the target, although his job was just to gather information.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Jasper had the ability and proper connections to gather very detailed information on any target assigned to him. Apart from that, he was a skilled and very agile fighter, moving so swift that he was even able to walk on walls.


Jasper carried a pair of claw weapons, one in each hand, which he was proficient in using.


Jasper was introduced conversing with a Jackal named Daryl the Mincer. After confirming the intelligence he had gathered about him, Jasper viciously attacked and murdered the Jackal. At that point, Isaac appeared and assigned Jasper a job to collect information on another Jackal, Nichol D. Heyward.

Jasper dies

Jasper cut in half.

Jasper tricked Nichol into meeting him, by requesting him for a job. When the two met, Jasper started revealing the intelligence he had already gathered, much to Nichol's surprise, and soon they engaged in combat. The surrounding was chosen by Jasper specifically to cause inconvenience to his target, knowing that his large weapon would be difficult to use in such a narrow space. However, Nichol proved to be as fast and agile as him, as he, too, was able to walk on the sidewalls, and drive his Alligator through the bricks straight through Jasper's abdomen, cutting him in half.


  • Jasper's weapons and fighting style resemble that of the famous comic character Wolverine.