Albert Gacho
Albert Gacho
Name Albert Gacho
Codename Giant Gacho
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupations Assassin
Affiliation Mermaid Thirteen, Gabriella
First Appearance Chapter 5

Albert Gacho also known as Giant Gacho was a member of Gabriella's Mermaid Thirteen.


Gaccho is a huge man, being 6' 9" and around 276 lbs. He has dark skin and has his hair in dreadlocks (or cornrows it's hard to tell which) that are pulled into a ponytail.

he is seen wearing a long dark coat, a white wife beater, dark pants and shoes, and a pair of odd metal gloves. He also is seen wearing a necklace.


Loyal to his friends and to Gabriella he was willing to sacrifice himself in order to take Alligator Nichol with him.


Abilities And PowersEdit


Giant Gaccho strength

Giant Gaccho lifting and throwing Huya


Gaccho is seen ripping a lamp post out of the ground and using it like a quarter staff.


Gaccho uses his metal gloves to punch and block things that would usually be to hard or sharp to punch, such as Huya Requiem's giant sword.

Physical AbilitiesEdit


Gaccho is renown for his super human strength, he was able to block Huya Requiem's attack and then throw him into Alligator Nichol, sending them both out a window. He was also able to rip a lamp post out of the ground and then use it as a weapon against Nichol and Huya.


Gaccho was fast enough to get his hand up to protect his head from Huya's attack.